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Effective for the February 19 - 22 winter storm:
Per Chief of Emergency Services Terry McGregor
Effective immediately, and until noon on Saturday, February 21, 2015, responses to all calls shall be in non-emergency mode, due to weather conditions.

As the temperatures continue to drop, previously cleared and treated roads will begin to re-freeze as chemicals will no longer keep snow and ice melted.  Additionally, the conditions of many secondary roads will remain treacherous.  The safety of personnel and motorists is of paramount concern; therefore this policy may be extended based upon weather conditions as they develop.

Also continuing in effect, per local fire chiefs:
The local fire departments will respond to emergency calls to remove downed trees from roadways.  The fire departments are not to be dispatched to clear private driveways unless there is an EMS emergency at that residence. 
Homeowners whose driveways are blocked by downed trees will be on their own to clear their driveway.


Claudine Gifford
Active Missing Person


Feb. 15 - April 30 Open Fire Ban
April 11, 2015 - Court Day @ Lancaster
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